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XLASH Awakening Eye Gels

XLASH Awakening Eye Gels

529,00 krPris

Wake up and glow with an extra boost of energy! Awakening Eye Gels are perfect for making those slow mornings, just a little bit easier. They use
Vitamin C - the ultimate antioxidant that helps even the skin tone and brightens the undereye area
Niacinamide - a brightening ingredient that fights dark circles and hyper pigmentations as well as strengthens the skin barrier
Caffeine - wakes up tired eyes as it reduces the look of dark circles under the eyes,
Peach Flower Extract – which has brightening properties that helps to improve skin tone by inhibiting melanin production.
In just 15 minutes, the gels help with the reduction of dark circles, reduce the appearance of tired eyes, reduces discoloration and hyperpigmentation, fights the appearance of under eye bags and gives a refreshed feeling and more youthful, healthy glow.

Each pack contains 30 pairs / 60 patches.

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